Company Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy Statement of Dooji Co.,Ltd. ("Dooji"). On this page you will find information about our policies with respect to personal information that is collected through Dooji's websites (Sites) and through other communications with us. Please feel free to contact our Chief Privacy Officer after reading our Privacy Statement if you have any questions or concerns.

1Article 1. Particulars of personal information to be collected and collection methodsp>

1. Particulars of collection In order to manage company-related inquiries, customer support, and event participation registration service, etc., the Company collects the following personal information. - Classification: making inquiry, customer support, event participation registration - Detail: name, email. contact information, company name, country, department, position - The following information may be generated and collected in the process of service use. - Access logs, cookies, IP addresses, service use records 2. Method of collection - Direct input made by the user through the website - Collection through tools for gathering information generated (e.g., connection logs and cookies, etc.)

Article 2. Purpose of the processing (collection and use) of personal information

The Company collects and uses personal information for the following purposes. The personal information collected shall not be used for any purpose other than the following purposes, and if the purpose of use is changed, necessary measures under the law shall be taken by seeking prior consent, etc. 1. Use of information for the provision of services: Handling inquiries, giving information and guidance, providing content and information on event reservation 2. Use for marketing and advertising: Notice through TM, SMS, DM, e-mail, and push-mail, etc., providing promotional information, market survey, customer satisfaction survey, product/service development research, statistical analysis data for each customer and access frequency

Article 3. Period for processing, using, and retaining personal information

Unless it is necessary to retain personal information under related laws, in principle the Company shall immediately destroy relevant information after fulfilling the purpose of the collection and use of personal information.

Article 4. Procedure for and method of destroying personal information

In principle the Company shall destroy relevant information immediately after fulfilling the purpose of the collection and use of personal information or after the passage of the retention period. Procedure for and method of destroying it are as follows: 1. Destruction procedure The Company shall determine personal information subject to destruction and destroy relevant personal information with the approval of the Privacy Officer. 2. Destruction method The personal information printed in paper shall be destroyed with a shredder or by incineration and the personal information stored in an electronic file format shall be deleted by a technical method which makes it impossible to reproduce the records.

Article 5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

In case of addition, deletion, or modification of the Privacy Policy, the Company will give notice of the fact through the company website (the Company’s website address).

Article 6. Provision of personal information to a third party

Unless the user's consent is given or it is mandatory to provide personal information under related laws, the user's personal information shall not be used or provided to a third party in any case.

Article 7. Outsourcing personal information processing

- Outsourcing company (trustee) : Simplex Internet Co.,Ltd.
- Details: System management / maintenance

Article 8. Matters concerning the purpose of automatic collection of personal information, and denial thereof

The Company installs and operates automated means to collect personal information such as cookies that frequently find and store the user's information. A cookie is a very small text file that is sent to the user's browser by the server used for operating the Company's website and is stored in the user's computer hard disk. The Company shall collect and use cookie information for the following purposes. Purpose of the use of cookies, etc - To remember the customer's login ID and provide automatic setup convenience features such as "Pop-ups not allowed - The user reserves the option for cookie installation. Therefore, the user may set the web browser to allow all cookies or confirm cookies whenever they are stored or deny storage of all cookies. Method of disabling cookies Example: As a method of denying cooking settings, the user may set the web browser to accept all cookies or confirm them whenever cookies are stored or deny the storage of all cookies. Setting method (e.g., Internet Explorer) Please be advised that disabling cookies might limit your access to some of the services offered.

Article 9. Privacy Officer

The Company designates a related department and a person in charge of personal information management to protect personal information and deal with complaints related to personal information as follows: ▶ Privacy Officer
Name: Yun
Office: +82-2-2268-5538
Fax: +82-2-2264-5181